We Participate in Textile Asia 2015 in Lahore Expo on 29th August to 31 August. Our stall no is A-112:

There are many types of woven fabrics in 100%cotton, poly:cotton, 100%polyester, 100%viscose, Poly:viscose blended, CVC, spandex (stretchable)’ in Sheeting, Yarn Dyed Shirting, Chambray, Twill, Canvas, Denim, RibsTop, Corduroy, Cambric, Crepe, Satin, Calico, Percale, Poplin, Flannel, Gabardine, Taffeta, Microfiber, Velvet, Chenille, Chiffon, Silk, Linen, Spandex, Terry Cloth, Boiled Wool.

Our in-house available fabrics are as follows’

100%Cotton and Poly/cotton different blends at Auto Loom, Shuttle less and Air Jet Looms.
•    Plain weave 1/1, Printed, dyed light, medium , dark, bleached white, pfp, pfd, Sheeting Fabrics for Home Textile, Hospitals, Hotels bedding, kitchen aprons, 100%cotton, blended PC or CVC.
•    Plain weave 1/1 Pocketing in grey.
•    Satin 4/1 weave in Grey, bleached white, dyed lights, medium, darks and Printed in plain and with strips.
•    Twill in weave 2/1 & 3/1 in Grey, pfd, bleached white, dyed in lights, medium and darks as well Khaki in 100%cotton, PC, stretchable with spandex or lycra.
•    100%Polyester Microfiber printed and dyed with one side raised for bed sheeting, China origin.

Order Quantities: no restrictions with us on minimum order quantities (MOQ). We welcome your smallest orders to bulk containerized shipments.

Sampling: samples are arranged according to the demand and advice of customer.