We Participate in Textile Asia 2015 in Lahore Expo on 29th August to 31 August. Our stall no is A-112:

Cotton twill is a popular weave pattern that’s characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. Gabardine, Chino, Denim and Drill all are kinds of twill fabrics which are famous, durable, high-quality pants and trousers material. Plain-weave twill fabric is of ancient times. Since yarns are packed closely together hence fabric becomes very strong. It is used to make pants, jeans and jackets.

Running constructions and widths‘
16x16, 108x58, 63” 67” 72”
16x12, 96x48, 63”, 67” 72”
16x12, 128x56, 63” 67” 72”
20x20, 108x56, 63” 67” 72”
20x16, 108x56, 63” 67” 72”
30x30, 124x64, 63” 67” 72”

Constructions and widths of fabrics can be made as per customer’s requirements.