We Participate in Textile Asia 2015 in Lahore Expo on 29th August to 31 August. Our stall no is A-112:

Denim Fabrics:- (From 6.5 oz to 14.5 oz)

Denim is very strong and durable fabric. It is constructed in twill weaving pattern with Indigo Dyed Yarn in Warp and white (natural) yarn in Weft. Denim traditionally was woven in 100%cotton but in modern days Denim has many faces like PC blended, Stretch having Spandax or Lycra. It can be printed, striped, vintage, brushed, napped, cross hatch, stonewashed and pure indigo.

You can source your supreme Denim with us in followings from most of the best suppliers of world in 5.5Oz to 14.5Oz

•    Basic Denim.
•    Open End Denim
•    Ring Ring Denim
•    Blu Denim
•    Slub Denim
•    Slub Stretch Denim
•    Cross Hatch
•    Cross Hatch Stretch
•    Vintage Denim
•    Broken Twill Denim
•    Technical Denim
•    Black Black Denim
•    Herring Bone Blue Denim
•    Cord Blue Denim
•    Reverse Denim (Same/Same)
•    Printed Denim

Order Quantities: no restrictions with us on minimum order quantities (MOQ). We welcome your smallest orders to bulk containerized shipments.

samples are arranged according to the demand and advice of customer.